Saturday, November 5, 2011

Middle (Secondary) School, Dullipatti

Shilanath Mandir (Lord Shiva Temple), Dullipatti

Village View

Shilanath Mandir (Lord Shiva Temple), Dullipatti

Front View of Shilanath Mandir (Shiva Temple), Dullipatti

Mandir Pujari (priest) baba walking in mandir campus, Dullipatti

Associated Mandir in Shilanath mandir campus, Dullipatti

Tulsi tree in Mandir Campus, Dullipatti

Mandir Campus Gate (temple campus gate), Dullipatti

Pujari Baba (Temple Priest), Dullipatti

Solar Lamp in temple campus, Dullipatti

National Highway 105, Dullipatti

Mango Tress, more than 80 years old, Dullipati

Middle School (Secondary School) Campus, Dullipatti

Govt. Secondary School Girls Hostel, Dullipatti

Secondary School Kitchens and wash room, Dullipatti

Girls Hostel warden standing in school campus, Dullipatti

Secondary School Office, Dullipatti

Student Parliament Chart, Secondary School, Dullipatti

Secondary School Dullipatti, Established in 1951

Secondary School Classes, Dullipatti

Cleanlines and Heath Program Chart, Secondary School, Dullipatti

Governmental Secondary School Girls Hostel, Dullipatti

Secondary School Campound, Dullipatti

D. B. College, Dullipatti, Jayanagar (remote view)

D. B. College, Dullipatti, Jayanagar 

Maa Durga Mandir (Lord Durga Temple), Dullipatti

Durga Mandir (Lord Durga Temple) Compound, Dullipatti

Friday, April 22, 2011

"Dullipatti" on Google Maps

इ बढ खुशी कि बात अछी कि आब आहां Google Map पर Dullipatti लिख क खोजु आ, आहां सीधे अपन गौंव पहुँच जाउ... आहां भारत के कोनो जगह स dullipatti के मार्ग सेहो चिन्हित क सकै छि.. 

Friday, October 1, 2010


Dullipatti is a village situated at India-Nepal border. It is about 200km far from Patna (Capital of Bihar).

This village is 5 Kilometer away from Jaynagar, a small business hub. This village is also known for Oil mineral. ONGC had setup a plant for extracting petroleum products for a long time in this area but due to some technical/political gliches, this mission was un-successful.

Population of this village is about lakh comprising all caste.

Education is main motive of villagers and hence there are 2-3 primary school, one middle school, one girls school, one high school (situated in Jaynagar), one College (D. B. College) beside several private schools.

This village is also popular by its culture. Almost all festivals are being celebrated with full spirit and unity like Holi, dussehra, diwali, Chhath, Purnima Mela, Sama-chakeba. Dussehra is main festival of this village that lasts for 10 days. There is a Durga Mandir, situated at heart of the village, where this festival is being celebrated. People from neighbouring villages also participates in it. People enjoy naach-gana (traditional dance like Alah-rudal) are being organised in day/night.

You may also know this village by Silanath Mandir. This is the Lord Shiv temple along with Lord Rama, Sita and Laxman temple along with Lord Hanuman. In Srawan (Maithili calendar), a raining season, Kanwariya carry jal (pure word that reference water) and pour on shiv ling.

For transportation, A national highway (number 105) is passing through this village. This village is 5km away from Jaynagar railway station, from where you can take either rickshaw, bus or auto taxi to reach to this village.

Overall, this village is a very beautiful and welcomes you all to come and give  a chance for a beautiful hospitality.